Saturday, 15 January 2011

The return of...

It's been a long time coming. Sorry about the lack of action on here. It is mostly due to time constraints, laziness and moving to Bristol. I have been busy though. I do a monthly round-up for Hyponik as well as interviews with people like Tom Kerridge (Ramp records boss) and the mighty Mosca. Expect more Domestic Dust pieces on people like Taz Buckfaster, Prize Pets and Minus' Marc Houle. I'm also working on an (epic) article for Juke magazine, and for their first edition I did a piece on daggering.

As I missed all the (inane) best of lists for 2010 I thought I'd give you what I thought was the best bits in a simple You Tube top ten clipboard (after the jump).

1. Enter the Void opening titles (Gaspar Noe and Thomas Bangalther)

2. Kanye West - Runaway

3. Actress - Hubble

4. Mavado - Hope and Pray

5. Cassius - Luv u so

Zdar on Rome (via Fluokids)

7. Mosca - Tilt Shift

8. Tempa T discussing the correct usage of 'myth'

9. Rustie - Hyperthrust (and Warp EP)

10. Cher Lloyd's rendition of Soulja Boy

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