Sunday, 25 July 2010

Cocoon roundup(s)

Sven in 2009

Will went down to Cocoon and had a right ball by the sounds of things. Here is his review and underneath it is a slightly more gonzo take from a special guest reviewer who shall remain anonymous, for now...

This piece was originally intended to be a quick interview with Ricardo Villalobos to talk politics, analogue recording and jazz. Fortunately for him this didn’t happen so instead is an open love letter to him and his exploration of techno, house and bass in a field, at a stately home, in Leeds…

Apologies for the gushing tone, and I’m sure you don’t need telling/reminding, but he is that good. Bass lines where you thought would not fit and patience - afforded by the nearly 4 hour set - that might normally be dismissed as boring by your average pill-headed punter made for the perfect late afternoon set. Before I embarrass myself any further and mention how impressed I was with his outfit’s colour co-ordination (nice blue/green) or his proud peacockery or something I will mention the rest of the day… which was sort of great, obviously weather and drugs help at these kind of things but now in its second year I think Cocoon in the Park is the obvious festival choice for the more discerning techno/house fan. 1 stage, 4 DJs and a bit of stage production is all it needs. No unnecessary stalls, fairground rides and other sundries that would only distract.

Love to Adam Shelton, Loco Dice and Sven Väth – so German in the best possible way - who played too. Techyes!

- or -

It was a warm summer’s day in the stately home of Temple Newsome in Leeds where 6 men were set to storm the Leeds crowd with Flumping German Techno.

At approximately 4pm a spectacle arrived. Ricardo Villalobos walked into Cocoon in the Park just a man. He came and stormed the crowed with his Gigantic Techno weapon, a large sprinkling of bass and wowed the dancing crowd. It is heard that when he left he became a living legend and will go down in Techno history, a fine example of how to rip the ears out of the hot club dancers and divas.

Then he came, the man himself, Sven Vath. Chucking out crowd pleasers and crowd weepers he ruled the stage. With his dashing blond hair and vest he closed the night off with a stunning 4 hour set. As the night fell and lights flashed the night came to a close with a bang.

It was over, tears in the fans eyes and the fear that Techno is well and truly at its best. It was a moment that will stay with us forever. Sven you are the L'Ultimo.


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