Thursday, 24 June 2010

Next big thing

Kode 9 and Spaceape

I'm predicting jungle is going to come back in a big way during 2011. I've said it.
I am basing this completely on the fact that Kode 9 put together a jungle-inspired mix for Fact recently and that drum and bass has been so dire for the past decade.

Dance music )and music in general) moves in cyclical phases and now seems to be the ideal time for jungle to comeback. Of course, people like DJ C, Dj/Rupture and Kid 606 have been keeping up the darker riddims - but the mid-range frequencies that inspired dubstep produces to focus on actual bass, have dominated d'n'b.

If it does comeback around it'll be interesting to see how Radio One will deal with it. By playing d'n'b consistently on peak time shows, djs like Zane Lowe, have encouraged the radio-friendly tunes that producers like Pendulum and Sub Focus create and the kids like so much.

Yes, they have brought the scene into the mainstream, but it has also stopped producers trying to do anything interesting.

Soundman & Don Lloyde ft. Elizabeth Troy's 'Greater Love'

Kode 9 digs out the best of now, with older tracks like Soundman & Don Lloyde ft. Elizabeth Troy's 'Greater Love' showing young producers how to bridge the gap between jungle and the jazzy/broken beat influenced tunes that people like Joy Orbison and Actress are creating.

01. Soundman & Don Lloyde ft. Elizabeth Troy | Greater Love | S.O.U.R.
02. Lemon D | Manhattan Melody | Conquerror Records
03. Dope Style | You Must Think First | Ganja
04. Nut Nut | Special Dedication | Hardstep Records
05. Undercover Agent | Oh Gosh | Juice Records
06. DJ SS | MA2 remix | Formation Records
07. 12-10 Series Mk 1 | All That Jazz | Back 2 Basics
08. L Double featuring Bassman | Da Base Too Dark | Metalheadz Dark00
09. Urban Jungle | Back In The Daze | Unknown
10. Sacred | U Ready 4 Dis (Kall The Kops) | Pursuit Records
11. Fusion Forum | Vintage Keys | Reinforced
12. Maldini | Def Roll | Phat Trax
13. Bad Influence feat. DJ Rush Puppie | Time & Time | Prime Time Wax

Big tunes! I want credit if I'm right and if not... let's not talk about it.

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