Monday, 23 March 2009

Simon Reynolds/Kraftwerk

Kraftwerk - Computer Love

Shit, Simon Reynolds eh? That guy can talk can't he. How much hate does he get on those Guardian blog posts. Nuff abuse. Anyway, we started a little fanzine in Bradford. Literally there are about one hundred of these things flying about. I wrote a piece on Bassline and how it's evolving. In it I slammed the London-centric crew for not giving b-line enough love, Reynolds got a mention. Then we posted it on the internet and within about five seconds I got an e-mail from the main man himself.

I almost spat my baked beans out. How the hell he found it I will never know. We typed the address onto the back of the zines and no-one else even bothered logging on. I wonder if he's got some sort of custom made Reynolds tracker on his i-mac or if he employs failed grime emcees to search obscure music blogs for mentions?

Who knows. Who cares?

Join in the argument if you want it's over on the Behemoth blog. Btw I'm totally wrong, but it's fun to fight.

Oh yeah and Kraftwerk are just ace.

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