Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Wasting time on wasters

No Age - Eraser (live at Juan's basement for Pitchfork TV)

Wavves - Part 3 by Yours Truly from Yours Truly on Vimeo.
Wavves - To The Dregs (live for Yours Truly)

Hello. How are you? I haven't done anything on here for a while. Partly because I'm lazy and partly because I'm busy. A large part of it is down to the fact I've been getting well into these new Pavement style bands from the US. Ok, No Age aren't new but Wavves kind of are.

This video is good fun. I was soooooo relieved when I saw it because usually when you hear about a cool new band it's just a matter of time before you find out they're stupid or your friend met them and they tried to pull his girlfriend. But these guys are as cool as We are Scientist and they're actually funny.

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