Wednesday, 10 December 2008

What is happening to me?!

Mavado and Busy Signal - Badman place

There was a piece in the NME the other day about how urban music is knackered and Lil'Wayne and Busy Signal are the only black knights in a field of burnt out piss takers. Well they didn't put it like that, but that was the jist, sort of, if you think in abstract metaphors like I do. Anyway, I totally disagree and after a hiatus of about five years I love urban music again, not just bassline but R'n'B.

There are some amazing club tracks knocking about at the minute - the production value is tip-top and the tracks actually have something of an edge to them. Here are my top three at the minute:

Cassie feat Lil'Wayne - Official Girl

This is just ridiculous, the production reminds me of 'Oops' by Hud Mo which is my favourite tune of the year by a mile. Lil'Wayne features which kind of contradicts my argument but he only has a cameo, so I reckon it doesn't count!

TI feat. Rihanna 'Live your Life'

Ok so if you listen to Galaxy 105 or Radio One you'll be sick of this, but if you listen to those stations you deserve to be disappointed. This has been killed by radio but it is still an amazing song. Big production and even a Trance-hop sample, kind of, Europop-hop would be more accurate.

Beyonce 'Single Ladies'

Stick with this. It's abit like Shatner's performance of 'Rocket Man' except it's flipping Beyonce and it's not completely mental! this is my favourite thing at the minute, everyday before I go to work I scour the interweb for this video, it's a real pick me up. It's a bit weird when Ellen appears in the audience and Queen Latifah, two of the world's most famous Lesbians - perhaps the director was trying to make a super topical comment on Gay marriage laws or maybe they were the two most famous people in a room full of oinks.

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