Monday, 29 December 2008

Are you happy with the things you do? Erm...yeah

Part 1

Part 2

This is soooo painful. If you're going to interview an electronica innovator try to do it in his own language, because the chances are the guy will be so into electronica he will hardly speak his native tongue let alone Russian through a translator.

This is torturous to watch, it's even harsher than those sandpaper vinyl Richard James released. It's like he's just been trapped in a lift and these guys have sprung out and started vox popping him without knowing the fact he is Aphex Twin. When he asks him "why does he have long hair when other djs have short hair" I started shouting at the screen and crying. "Because I can't be f@@ked to get it cut" is a great response but the Russians probably just think he's an insane homosexual.

Oh yeah and I swear he says "How do you get invitation from nigger..." after about 12 seconds of the second video. Not cool. Well kind of, it depends who it's from.

Part 3

In fact, it's not much better in English. I think the main problem is no-one knew anything about him until about 2008 and the interviewer was blatantly a brit pop tagalong wag of some bloke from Sleeper or Suede. Aphex's "I quite like my voice i've got into it in the last week" is one of the best lines ever by the way.

Part 4

Aphex Twin is definitely best in Holland. He actually couldn't give one toss. Have you noticed he always gets one killer line out amidst all the indifferent chatter?

Part 5 (finally...)

It's at times like this I miss John Peel, he was simply effortless. All these idiots that have come before chatting about his hair and Chris Cunningham's obsession with Razzle and JP just gets down to business and a friendly chat.

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