Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Piddy Py

I was working for the Manchester Evening News last week, which was fun. I chased Blue Badge cheats around the Magistrates court trying to ID them for the photographers outside. Here's the video for it. I can take Fascist like pride in the fact I helped name and shame these heinous fiends -

I also met up with Piddy Py for an interview. He is a top boy and he loves his hot chocolate. 'Get Loco' feat MNT from Leicester aka 'Giggle Riddim' is out on Dress 2 Sweat later this month and it's a massive tune. He was playing up at Club Passion as well this Saturday, which was a big night. T-Dot was there dancing about but she didn't touch mic.

Piddy Py

pic: Peter Kowalczyk

Me and Pete were stood in Badman corner and generally held our own, although when this photo was taken I was pretty scared Pete wasn't coming out of there alive. Oh yeah and don't ever get a kebab from anywhere on Westgate at five in the morning. It was one of the worst experiences of my life.

'Get Loco' Piddy Py feat. MNT

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