Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Big nights in Barnsley

People think Barnsley is a bit backwards and full of extras from Kes. Obviously those clowns haven't been down to the Soul Allnighter. There are some right moves here. The best bit is how delicate the dj is even though he's got tattoos and looks like he'd call you a poof if you ordered anything other than Stones bitter at the bar.

What makes it even better is that I found this while trying to find this video of Trimbale vs Stormin' which is equally as good - look at his hair.


Birdseed said...

I think you'd be delicate too, mate, if you handled the kind of priced possesions this guy probably does. And I mean literally priced - I met this DJ at a soul club once who claimed his foot-long seven-incher record box contained records worth a quarter of a million pounds.

Lanre said...

DJs who claim their records are worth a quarter of a million either have the masters to a beatles album or they're full of shit. I'm guessing the latter in your case.

Birdseed said...

Since a lot of rare Northern Soul records are in the £500-£2000 range, I wouldn't be entirely sure. Both he and I are probably exaggerating a wee bit. :)