Monday, 6 October 2008

Self defence for rock stars

For anyone who didn't see Noel Gallagher get sent flying by that fan here it is again. I couldn't help but laugh. I know that's harsh but it is pretty funny he goes miles and he kind of crumples up like a really old fragile man. Don't even get me started on Liam. He just scooped the award for 'shit brother of the year' with his spineless 'let's wait til there are 15 security guards on stage' bullshit.

Here are some examples of how you defend yourself from unruly fans 'rockstar' style:

Yeah, Keith Richards is mental and he doesn't play games if you get in his face, he just takes a swing at you with his Telecaster.

Anyone who is retarded enough to think Henry Rollins won't unleash some big time fists in your mush if you get in his face, deserves a pounding. It is pretty brutal though.

Seb Bach might seem like a bit of a skinny wretch but he goes ultra mental, eventually, on a fan who messed with his doo.

Towers of London are a bit much. Most people have seen the first video but shiiiiitttttt that second one is pretty grim. What a right hook, tears before bed time. The 'You went down like a sack of shit' would probably have been lost on most people in America, which is a pity because it was genius.

This is actually sad. Jay Reatard was quickly becoming one of my favourite singers, with his scuzzy little punk songs, but this is bad.

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