Sunday, 12 October 2008

One in the oven

DJ C and a random physics student

Bassline has been going a bit stale recently. Most of the major releases have been poor (H2O's 'Love Shy' hash-up) or badly received/promoted (DJ Q and MC Bonez). But there have been new producers from different background trying somethings which are a little weird.

Piddy Py is a Manchester DJ/Producer who has just been signed by the Glasgow label Dress 2 Sweat, who have put out some B-more house in the past and stuff by Rustie. Piddy Py's forthcoming 12" is weird. Considering he's part of the more mainstream bassline crowd anyway. One tune is called 'Prickly Rose' and the other is 'Giggle Riddim'. Bassline isn't known for its sense of humour but this is pretty funny. The B side is 'Giggle Riddim' with MC MNT over the top, sounding quite a lot like MC Bonez and telling everyone in east Manchester to hold tight for the first twenty seconds. It's still a big tune though and all the 13 year-olds from Wythenshawe will have learnt the lyrics by the time i've posted this.

DJ C is well known for his 'Boston Bounce' cds and his strange mashed up jungle remixes for people like M.I.A. He's kind of like a weird version of Diplo, which makes him 20 times more interesting. He's giving an album away for free on his website. He's got a couple of ace tunes on there, including a remix of 'I'm a flirt' by R Kelly featuring A1 Bassline, T.I. & T-Pain on the mash-up version. The vocals are pitched up, but that's the way it's done in bassline. The crazier, the better.

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