Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Caption time

As promised here is the caption competition. This was difficult to judge, it's a bit like trying to decide which of Beyoncé's bum cheeks is better.

Ok so this isn't a funny caption. But do me a favour and try stare into his eyes for more than 10 seconds. I bet you can't do it without losing your mind - just look at him, Great name, Zik.

Some magazines go over the top with their captions. Not African Concord they just tell it like it is. If two people are solely responsible for destroying a country, a bit like Hitler, they'll tell it straight.

I think (because nothing is for certain in African Concord) that this is supposed to be an insult. But I think it sounds quite cool. He's got a skill that other wish they had, like those guys who can roll their tongues and suck their own toes.

There is nothing like a big over the top statement to restore your belief in romance. As if this guy knows what romance is? Look at his stare. He's the Nigerian Ian Curtis.

This very nearly won. I hate lists as well. They're crap. All those list blogs, they're totally boring but I never knew it was a newsworthy opinion. And look at his face, he doesn't have a clue the poor guy.

The best ever caption. Imagine the thought process that came up with this nugget. How did he get it past the editor? It's not even a caption, it's a question. That's not a caption that's a phrase from Jamaican patois. Brilliant.

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