Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Robert Peston aka Hamlet

Have you noticed that since the credit crunch has taken over just about every news story coming out of our TVs at the moment, Robert Peston is getting as much time on TV as Lorraine Kelly?

It's true he is on every 6 o'clock bulletin now. With his quips about the financial woes of the country and how it's all the fat cat bankers who are to blame.

He is really making the most of his time on the box and it's like he treats every link as if it's an RSC production. Last night with the announcement that Bradford and Bingley were basically done for he was in super form, drawing huge amounts of breathe and then snorting it out with disgust.

Why can't he talk normally? The situation is bad enough without him coughing all over it. His intonation is like an excited five-year-old asking for some sweets from his mummy and why does he pause for absolutely no reason whatsoever?!

I hope this CC is over soon so we only have to see Peston on Comic Relief and I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!

1 comment:

Rhoda Buchanan said...

I totally agree. And how did he climb to such a position in broadcasting with a sttttutter? His intonation is mental.