Saturday, 27 September 2008

The Redeemer

The girl in these pictures is my friend called Alex. She's just got a job working for the home office so she's pretty much on top of the world right now. But when we met up the other night for a drink I thought the new job had tipped her over the edge. She showed up in a pair of those ultra rank clog things that really odd Independent reading gents and lesbians wear.

Obviously I ripped into her but then she blasted me out of the water with her ear rings. I was hypnotised for about five minutes trying to figure out what they were and after that I'd fallen in love with the women inside her ear ring and I couldn't care less what she was wearing on her feet.

Bad clogs being saved by amazing ear rings is pretty rare - I'm calling it the fashion redeemer. It's something that good it doesn't actually matter what else your wearing.


chairmun said...

they're called crocs. & after wearing them for all of 10 days in june, i can safely say they are some of the comfiest footwear to have graced my plates of meat. cool they ain't, though. you'd look good in them lanners

Lanre said...'s a strong look. If you're a lesbian