Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Leather and silver steeds

I've just moved back home to Bradford. Times are pretty boring right now and most days are spent applying for jobs I can't get and watching daytime tv. Music tv is the worst. It is terrible.

It's got to the point where i'm watching Bliss ballads and praying for Phil Collins or Journey. MTV 2 is the biggest culprit. Remember when it used to be quite edgy and they played 'One armed scissor' all the time? Yeah, not really?!

Well one saving grace was when Jimmy Eat World got to pick their favourite festival line up and finished it off with Man-o-war headlining. They are on another level.

Rage against the machine? Bunch of whining ninnies compared to this lot. Metallica - Ha nothing but too many alcopops and hair spray. These guys are real men - watch it and weep!

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