Thursday, 11 September 2008

Humour issues

I've just got an interview with Sam Issacs on the gigwise website. This is a little snippet:

L-dog: There's a big debate in my house about who is a bigger bad guy Javier Bardem in No Country for Old Men or Heath Ledger in Batman. What do you reckon?

S: Literally what does this even mean? I've been holed up in a studio for the last 2 months. Have I missed out on life? What's been going on?

L-dog: I'm undergoing some serious olympic withdrawal - if you were a world class athlete (assuming you're not) what sport would you most like to win gold in?

S: Boxing. I watched one boxing match in the Olympics. I hated it as it was pretty violent. And then 30 seconds later I was like, "come on, hit him hard!" I loved watching the boxing. I've just realised what the question is. Um, not boxing please.

He's a funny guy. A funny guy who needs to get out more.

Here's a link to the full interview.

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