Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Filling a gap

After I finished the fifth series of The Wire the other day i've been pretty down. Couple that with heading back to b-town and things are looking pretty grim. I decided I at least needed to try to move on and I looked to skateboarding as a temporary solution. My mate had a copy of Fully Flared, which features the Royal Family, an elite group of skaters from around the world.

This is Alex Olson's part. He is ace. Getting angry when you mess up is what it's all about. I'm going to try and use it in everyday situations. Like if I forget to take a pasta bake out of the oven and it burns i'll smash it all over the kitchen.

The music on the second part is King Diamond 'One Down Two To Go' and it's totally epic. As is the Young Jeezy track 'I luv it' that features on Brandon Biebel's part. Jeezy is single handedly restoring my faith in hip hop club tracks.

Absolutely BIG

Band of Horses also get a run out. I never really got that excited about these guys when they were big two years ago, but this got me pretty teary eyed.

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