Monday, 8 September 2008

Did uncle John teach you that?

Uncle John

Bredis P

After the Amir Khan fight on Saturday I heard some boozed up chaps asking whether John Prescott was a relation of Bredis 'Khan slayer' Prescott. It was a fair enough question as the former deputy PM did have a killer left hook just like his Colombian name sake.

It was hard watching Khan get KO'd but Frank Warren and his people should take the brunt of the blame for setting the fight up in the first place. Who picks a Colombian, unknown fighter with a record of 19 wins 17 KOs for a fighter who was hurt by a journeyman like Michael Gomez?

It's hard to see what Khan's next step will be but after that ramraid of a KO, he's going to struggle to ever get up to world championship level. The questions about his chin were well and truly answered - it is indeed made out of glass.

The fight reminded me of one my trainer 'bald Steve' told me about from a few years ago. Herol 'Bomber' Graham was fighting Julian Jackson and with his illusive style he was evading punches and hurting JJ. But later in the fight he decided to start brawling and yes, you guessed it, he became Khan's KO doppel ganger. Ouch

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