Saturday, 27 September 2008

90s black music tapes

When me and my sister were about twelve we used to save up all our pennies from doing the washing up and mowing the lawn to buy tapes at ASDA. My sister still has all hers but I threw most of mine out. I found some of hers the other day and they're pretty special. Lauryn Hill, Blackstreet, Bone, Thugs n' Harmony and the epicly weird 3T.

The first three all still hold up today - but 3T are fucking crazy. I ended up staring at the tape for ages trying to work out what was going on. They're scary looking guys, they look like vampires from an 80s b-movie. Everything about them is wrong, from the fact that they look like Michael Jackson divided into three to the fact they didn't cap the 'I' on their single 'i NEED you'.

In case you missed it the first time around. I just don't get how little girls weren't shit scared of them and their eyebrows.

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chairmun said...

I caught a slice of vh1's 100 greatest hip hop records the other day & it just so happened to be discussing crossroads & it's timeless quality. Afterall, rappers always dying yo