Sunday, 24 August 2008

Once bitten...

I was going to dedicate this blog to bassline house when I first started it. I'm pretty glad I didn't bother because in the past year things have gone well wrong. Apart from the DJ Q and Mc Bonez single 'You Wot' there hasn't been a decent b-line track released for about six months. Everyone is making these terrible homages to UKG with Platinum being the biggest culprits. But now even Bradford's own TS7 is starting to make songs that sound like Defected style funky house.

Things have become painfully crap with Platinum covering Kristine Blonde's 'Love Shy'. This is almost as bad as Ultrabeats version of happy hardcore classic 'Shooting Star' by Bang! To be fair the video just might be comedy genius. The 'bass battle' is class as is the guy in the blue bandanas reaction to getting binned off by those 'well fit' birds at around 2:44.

I feel like i'm going back in time when I listen to music this poor, back to a time when I was that ignorant I didn't give one shit. Unfortunately now i've heard what decent dance music sounds like and this is a long way off.

Things are pretty bad when 2-step feels like an evolutionary leap forward. Here's KB keeping it shiny.

When I was looking for the KB video I found this comment on You Tube by a guy called Mochundi -

"I Still can't get enough of it. Thank you for uploading this beautiful and unique piece of music, it's a classic. Thanks to Karl 'Tuff Enuff' Brown and Matt 'Jam' Lamont. And all the best to the amazing Kristine Blond !!!"

Bloody hell, three exclaimation marks!!! This guy needs to get down to the boilerhouse in Bradford to experience some more 'classic' moments.

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