Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Not a good day to be Lanre

I think Lanre is a pretty cool name. I've always liked it, mostly because when I was young, kids in the playground couldn't rhyme it with anything that funny - so they'd usually have to resort to calling me a paki out of frustration.

But today my friend was bored and started rooting around in the urban dictionary. For those that don't know, this is a site where parents go to secretly find out what their kids mean when they call them 'wastemen'.

After my friend found out what a 'poomplex' and a 'rassclaat' were, he typed in Lanre and this is what came up:

Lanre = 9 thumbs down

when a man puts a laxative in girls drink and rapes her. she cannot defend herself because her stomach hurts to bad.

ie. "Dude, Sharon got lanre last night"

That's what my name means in slang. That is horrendous. What kind of people would even come up with a term that specific? 'Date rape' seems to do for most people. Why Lanre? And surely it should be Lanred, put it in the past tense.

At least it's only 9 thumbs down - lord knows what i'd have done if it would have been ten. And as if rape doesn't constitute ten thumbs down - I bet these guys come from the 'it's not rape, it's suprise sex' school of thought.

Things didn't get much better when we searched Lanre in You Tube. This guy popped up:

Type your name into urban dictionary - I bet you can't beat nine thumbs down and it meaning 'shit rape'.

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