Monday, 18 August 2008

For all the girls

Ever since that Justice video last year there has been a steady stream of cooler and cooler tee shirts coming out of the Ed Banger/Aracde Mode crew. It seemed like they could do no wrong. Then today I get this in my email box. The new tee shirt from Ed Banger 'It boy' Cuizinier - It even has it's own name 'pour les filles' or 'for the girls' in English.

This one is a step too far, granted this is coming from a man who wears tee shirts with massive white tigers on them, but still.

Anyone prepared to go around with that on their chest either better be working for the guy or in love with him. It looks like some Mp3 bloggers ultimate boyfriend - complete with rubbish goatie and new era cap.

Here's the Justice video from saner times:

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