Monday, 25 August 2008


Most people that watch tv will have stumbled, like some fool from a Shakesperian tragedy, into the world of HBO or HB-WOOOOOOO as i've cleverly called it. The American paid for channel has basically churned out some of the best tv shows ever: The Sopranos, Curb your enthusiasm, Flight of the conchords and errrrrr The 'freaking' Wire to name just a few.

So to many it's not much of a suprise that Armando Iannucci has called for the BBC to take a leaf and create its own paid for channel to try and create similar brilliant pieces of work.

You can see his point. Judge John Deed isn't much of a match for Tony Soprano or Omar from The Wire.

No doubt this is going to send people into a right tizzy. With all the hoo haa surrounding the license fee and BBC Worldwide a move like that will probably be opposed by most in the industry, especially ITV who haven't produced a decent drama since London's Burning.

The BBC isn't exactly a lightweight when it comes to drama or comedy with BBC three producing some amazing work recently. However, the sheer quality of HBO is something that the beeb could learn from but at the moment with all the distruption and uncertainty over funding me thinks it could be a while before anything is actually established.

I realise this is quite a serious post, devoid of funny pictures, so I thought I'd pop this classic Armando sketch, featuring the most cockney man in the world aka Brick Top.

I've tried to describe this sketch to so many people and it's almost impossible without looking and sounding like a complete moron.

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