Sunday, 10 August 2008

D'n'b revelation

People are always complaining about how drum and bass has become the soundtrack to middle class kids weekends and that it's not 'real' anymore. I was in that camp as well.

But after seeing this it's clear that it has just found a new audience who are giving it the respect that it deserves.

This is perfect. The build up is amazing and the pastor popping in now and again to spit some bars. The guy in the jeans and the black top is a real caner. This puts a Pendulum gig to shame - check for the matter!

1 comment:

Aries the Dreamer said...

Quality. I'm concerned about the guy in the black top rolling about on the floor - is he in the K-hole or is he having an epileptic fit due to the strobe lights?

We still need to go to a baseline house night!