Monday, 21 July 2008


Nollywood is the rather stupid sounding moniker for the Nigerian film industry. Unlike Bollywood there is nothing that sets Nollywood apart from Hollywood in terms of its content, except for the fact that the films are spectacularly bad. Even the most serious of dramas looks like a remake of an 18th century farce.

While at home I dug around and found some of my Dad’s favourites. I’ve included the actual blurb that was on the back, which has some of the worse language use I’ve ever seen:

Omo Yahoo:

Money, the root of all evil and a society that fails to plan for the future of their young generation reveals the story of Bayo, who hails from a humble background, but decided to seek the fastest road to acquire wealth without much labour. Bayo became a computer fraud-star otherwise known as Omo Yahoo. This is an education movie that all families must watch. Full of intrigue, suspense and very emotional.

Olewu Igioyin:

Oyiniola is a woman full of venom but appears harmless as she rides the crest of her rollicking success. Michael Adigun is embroiled in adulterous liaisons from London to Lagos aided by his close friend Hassan. Heads are bound to roll as everyone reaps the fruit of their various actions. Full of suspense, intriguing actions from the cast of classy actors and actresses. Igi Oyin will have you sitting on the edge of your seat.

Ara 2

Bola and Yomi travelled to the UK to reconfirm their HIV status but come back with a bigger problem. Will their marriage stand the test of time? Who infected who? Are they really HIV positive? Check it out in Ara part 2

Fatal Imagination 2

Ifunnamya who has been presumed dead comes back after about 8 months to confront her sister Adanna and her husband George who had been getting ready for the altar. George is shocked beyond words to see Ifunnamya who was burnt beyond recognition in an accident that happened before his eyes. Everyone is thrown into confusion as they think the ghost of Ifunnamya is on the loose, determined to destroy their lives.

Love Affair

This doesn’t even need a blurb. They just use pictures.

I decided to guess what it might have been though…Tayo who is a small time crook and jewel thief decides he needs a more voluptuous partner. He decides to secretly perform plastic surgery on Ola, his partner, while she sleeps. But in the middle of the op Ola wakes up and with her new bosoms, which have given her super powers, she goes on a rampage that will leave you scared beyond belief.

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