Friday, 6 June 2008

That's good that Tony!

You probably know Blackout crew from your local McDonald's car park. They were the lads revving their Nova's and spitting 'proper well sick' bars over the Sharkey remix of 'Shooting Star'.

This is the video for 'Not good enough'. I was pretty glad when it ended and there wasn't a gang rape scene because for the first three minutes that's where it looked like it was going.

I love how Blackout have progressed from that first effort to this full blown Hype Williams video - someone at their label must be sat at this very moment with his head in his hands thinking wtf did we invest more than £10 on this project.

I love when covert MC jumps out of the crowd and then turns green, it's like some hong kong kung fu flick.

And this.....well it's pretty special. I'm not too sure if Blackout know what techno is though??? When they put the 'techno' effect on over the 'Donk' this tune goes into happy hardcore overdrive. 'Put a donk on it' is my new favourite mugging tune - that means whenever i hear it i'll know i'm about three foot away from a mugging.

It's pretty bad when a form of music makes Bassline house look high brow

CAN OF BEANS charver

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