Monday, 16 June 2008

Que-tal? Al

I'm off to see Mr Burnley himself tonight as part of the Broomhill festival. I love living in a liberal middle class area. In Bradford all we had at festival was sticky rice and plantain. It should be interesting to hear what the doctor has to say about Iraq, Hutton, Feral beasts, Dr Kelly, Afghanistan, Piers Morgan, The Daily Mirror, Tuiton fees, Blair, Cherie, Michael White...well you get it!

He's been involved in a lot of the most interesting and terrible acts of New Labour's tenure. I just hope he doesn't harp on about Burnley and Ade Akinbiyi for three hours.

Here we are, the heavyweights of centre left and centre right columnists going head to head. Well not quite head to head, but it is funny to see just how similar and petty these two can get. They obviously detest each other but instead of really ripping into each other they mull around the edges, spitting out boring stereotypes and cliches. Littlejohn always looks like he's just eaten a bad scotch egg; he's all sharp intakes of breathe and flatulence. Whereas Toynbee looks and acts like my middle school science teacher. Either way this is worth watching just for Littlejohn's villa comment, he has got a point though - Oh dear am i becoming a conservative?!

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