Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Novak's barnett

I meant to write something about Novak Djokovic's hair after his Austrailan Open win earlier this year. What is going on? It's like a GI Joe's hair?! The guy is one of the best young players to emerge in the last 10 years, he's funny, charismatic and likable - but i think, unfortunately, he is actually a life size action figure.

Wimbledon should be one of the best there's been this year, as long as people realise Andy Murray isn't going to get anywhere near the final. If the British public can become resigned to that fact everything should be ok. Just think of it like the Euros, pretend Murray didn't even qualify. If you spot his crazy barnett on your tv quickly turn over to Countdown and try to spell as many tennis players names as you can - Whatever you do DON'T WATCH HIM!

His incessant muttering and bad sportsmanship will ruin your rich teas and afternoon nap. Just ignore the brat - choose another player to support. I'm going with Baghdatis because his name sounds like a disease Iraq war veterans will contract in ten years time and because of his game last year with GI hair himself Djokovic. Five sets of the most brutal, topsy turvy, awe inspiring tennis played in exactly the right spirit.

This should be a good two weeks - as long as everyone pretends Andy Murray doesn't exist.

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