Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Hottdawgs! is what MTV could be like if the people running the show down there in Camden had a sniff of a clue about what people want to watch. There are only so many times i can watch Pimp My Ride and Super Sweet 16 without considering myself to be a bonafide no mark.

Hottdogs is the latest offering from and along with Soft Focus they've managed to produce 2 of the most messed up sideways programmes on the internet. Hottdogs looks like a David Firth animation mixed with some Johnny Ryan stuff all done with real people on green screen. It's like 'Fire walk with me' except it realises it's a total mess and has dealt with it.

Anyway here are the first four episodes. Check for Soft Focus and more. NB this is some weird stuff: Men fighting sperm, a man selling reverse cowboy and M&M's on the subway??! Que?


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