Monday, 16 June 2008


Today's Media Guardian leads with the question: "Is the BBC hideously White City?" before tearing into the Beeb and casting Andrew Marr as the BBC's 'London-centric pearly Prince'. It is no real suprise to hear that the BBC's programming is more focused on England than North Ireland, Eire, Scotland and Wales.

Should it be? No, of course not but inevitably it will be. England has the largest population therefore it makes sense for a sizeable amount of programming should be aimed at that English audience.

The piece (by Severin Carrell) is slightly misleading. The pull quote next to Mr Marr leads a reader to think perhaps the piece is about the beeb favouring London whereas in fact it is about the English bias. It is hardly the most interesting subject matter: the point Carrell makes is fairly obvious.

Eamonn Holmes quote sums up the problem. He says: 'It is London-centric compared with the 80s. I'm particularly worried about BBC in Belfast shrinking'. Again, fairly obvious why this has happened. The 80s were a time when there were terrorist attacks coming from N.Ireland so of course there was more coverage and BBC Belfast was more vital then.

It is a cynical approach but terrorism is extremely newsworthy, peace (unless it is exceptional and fresh, say peace in the Middle East) isn't.

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