Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Hottdawgs! is what MTV could be like if the people running the show down there in Camden had a sniff of a clue about what people want to watch. There are only so many times i can watch Pimp My Ride and Super Sweet 16 without considering myself to be a bonafide no mark.

Hottdogs is the latest offering from and along with Soft Focus they've managed to produce 2 of the most messed up sideways programmes on the internet. Hottdogs looks like a David Firth animation mixed with some Johnny Ryan stuff all done with real people on green screen. It's like 'Fire walk with me' except it realises it's a total mess and has dealt with it.

Anyway here are the first four episodes. Check for Soft Focus and more. NB this is some weird stuff: Men fighting sperm, a man selling reverse cowboy and M&M's on the subway??! Que?


Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Novak's barnett

I meant to write something about Novak Djokovic's hair after his Austrailan Open win earlier this year. What is going on? It's like a GI Joe's hair?! The guy is one of the best young players to emerge in the last 10 years, he's funny, charismatic and likable - but i think, unfortunately, he is actually a life size action figure.

Wimbledon should be one of the best there's been this year, as long as people realise Andy Murray isn't going to get anywhere near the final. If the British public can become resigned to that fact everything should be ok. Just think of it like the Euros, pretend Murray didn't even qualify. If you spot his crazy barnett on your tv quickly turn over to Countdown and try to spell as many tennis players names as you can - Whatever you do DON'T WATCH HIM!

His incessant muttering and bad sportsmanship will ruin your rich teas and afternoon nap. Just ignore the brat - choose another player to support. I'm going with Baghdatis because his name sounds like a disease Iraq war veterans will contract in ten years time and because of his game last year with GI hair himself Djokovic. Five sets of the most brutal, topsy turvy, awe inspiring tennis played in exactly the right spirit.

This should be a good two weeks - as long as everyone pretends Andy Murray doesn't exist.

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Electro funk

I remember reading about this stuff a while back. Good old Greg Wilson was pounding this stuff out in the early 80s. The pic is off the 'Huddersfield' crew and i don't think i've ever seen so many happy faces in one shot, it looks like the front row of a Diplo gig. Check this site out for more info

Speaking of Diplo i've been wasting this afternoon trawling through the Mad Decent blog. It is non-stop tunes. At one point he even name drops TS7!

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Sheffield Steal!

The new Toddla T 'Sound Tape Killin' is just plain 'ill' in the Beastie Boys sense of the word. Fat with a PH and all the rest of it. The video is half Bassment Jaxx half 'Da Funk' and it was shot right here in Shef.

Stumbled upon Mad Decent's Sheffield podcast. Diplo's memories of the Steel City aren't exactly favourable but what the heck. Here's the podcast.

Cool Kids again?!

Remember that other interview that was posted up here? With Mr Parkinson on mic duty? How good is this compared to that?! Mr Parkinson had the poor lads sat on a concrete stairwell whereas here the boys are on a nice phat sofa, bless.

Monday, 16 June 2008

Cech mate?

The Turkey game last night was what football should be about. Or at least as an England fan it's what i'm used to. One player, usually a standup consistent performer losing the game for the rest of the team.

We were sat about afterwards thinking how good the match was for sub-editors. Headlines were shouting out after this one: 'Turkish Delight' got the nod at a few papers including the Guardian but i think 'Cech mate' would have been nice and harsh.

Why did he drop that ball?

It wasn't even close, his fingers collapsed like they were made out of soggy Frosties; old Nihat couldn't believe his luck. His second goal was just about the best finish i've seen this season. Petr 'Frosties' Cech had no chance.

Perhaps he's just been playing in England too long and is picking up some of our bad habits.


Today's Media Guardian leads with the question: "Is the BBC hideously White City?" before tearing into the Beeb and casting Andrew Marr as the BBC's 'London-centric pearly Prince'. It is no real suprise to hear that the BBC's programming is more focused on England than North Ireland, Eire, Scotland and Wales.

Should it be? No, of course not but inevitably it will be. England has the largest population therefore it makes sense for a sizeable amount of programming should be aimed at that English audience.

The piece (by Severin Carrell) is slightly misleading. The pull quote next to Mr Marr leads a reader to think perhaps the piece is about the beeb favouring London whereas in fact it is about the English bias. It is hardly the most interesting subject matter: the point Carrell makes is fairly obvious.

Eamonn Holmes quote sums up the problem. He says: 'It is London-centric compared with the 80s. I'm particularly worried about BBC in Belfast shrinking'. Again, fairly obvious why this has happened. The 80s were a time when there were terrorist attacks coming from N.Ireland so of course there was more coverage and BBC Belfast was more vital then.

It is a cynical approach but terrorism is extremely newsworthy, peace (unless it is exceptional and fresh, say peace in the Middle East) isn't.

Que-tal? Al

I'm off to see Mr Burnley himself tonight as part of the Broomhill festival. I love living in a liberal middle class area. In Bradford all we had at festival was sticky rice and plantain. It should be interesting to hear what the doctor has to say about Iraq, Hutton, Feral beasts, Dr Kelly, Afghanistan, Piers Morgan, The Daily Mirror, Tuiton fees, Blair, Cherie, Michael White...well you get it!

He's been involved in a lot of the most interesting and terrible acts of New Labour's tenure. I just hope he doesn't harp on about Burnley and Ade Akinbiyi for three hours.

Here we are, the heavyweights of centre left and centre right columnists going head to head. Well not quite head to head, but it is funny to see just how similar and petty these two can get. They obviously detest each other but instead of really ripping into each other they mull around the edges, spitting out boring stereotypes and cliches. Littlejohn always looks like he's just eaten a bad scotch egg; he's all sharp intakes of breathe and flatulence. Whereas Toynbee looks and acts like my middle school science teacher. Either way this is worth watching just for Littlejohn's villa comment, he has got a point though - Oh dear am i becoming a conservative?!

Something new and something from way back then...

I first heard DJ Q and MC Bonez 'You Wot' in Plug @ reflective. There was something surreal about 1000 bassline heads bouncing around to this and singing all the lyrics. The video is brilliant and reminded me of another bit of comedy genius....

I heard this on the second series of The Wire t'other day, Bode was bopping along to it. It's become abit of a standard tune at any even slightly hip hop related night in the UK, but it is still top draw.

Monday, 9 June 2008

The Real Deal?

I first heard of The Real Heat in Fact magazine and i thought they looked like a shocking Pussycat dolls cover band. They do look like cartoon people but some of their tunes aren't that bad. Their cover of The Teenagers 'No Love' is top and 'Stand and Deliver' sounds like Prince covering Le Chic.

Here are some clips from their live visuals. Pretty garish but that's the point, i think. Not sure whether these girls are comic geniuses or just mega confused. Probably a bit of both.

Friday, 6 June 2008

nothing new

Liking White Denim is nothing new. They've been hyped on every big blog and rightly so - i saw them play at a bowling alley in London at easter and they were ridiculous. What are they? part garageband, part blues and part psy-rock wig out. This is the first proper summer tune this year - except for Blackout crew (obviously)

I'm the reason mics were invented!

This is a special post for Dowie Mc. I hope he got his name because he looks like an ugly Iain Dowie (if that's even possible). GASH

That's good that Tony!

You probably know Blackout crew from your local McDonald's car park. They were the lads revving their Nova's and spitting 'proper well sick' bars over the Sharkey remix of 'Shooting Star'.

This is the video for 'Not good enough'. I was pretty glad when it ended and there wasn't a gang rape scene because for the first three minutes that's where it looked like it was going.

I love how Blackout have progressed from that first effort to this full blown Hype Williams video - someone at their label must be sat at this very moment with his head in his hands thinking wtf did we invest more than £10 on this project.

I love when covert MC jumps out of the crowd and then turns green, it's like some hong kong kung fu flick.

And this.....well it's pretty special. I'm not too sure if Blackout know what techno is though??? When they put the 'techno' effect on over the 'Donk' this tune goes into happy hardcore overdrive. 'Put a donk on it' is my new favourite mugging tune - that means whenever i hear it i'll know i'm about three foot away from a mugging.

It's pretty bad when a form of music makes Bassline house look high brow

CAN OF BEANS charver