Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Not really good enough....

I was out t'other night when me and a pal got to talking about new music. We covered alot of stuff from how good Trimbale was, to how bad craig david getting his hands on a t2 tune would be.

Then we spoke about Santogold and Foals, who collectively have been hyped so much i think they'll be the next big things in 2017 and beyond.

As well as this we talked about the new Jools Holland show where he runs around in a petrified state incase he says 'piss' or 'poo' by mistake. Anyway Santogold was on last night and it was bloody shocking, she was like a plank of wood strapped to a concrete block, static!

This is Santogold trying to be more still than a frozen lake - seriously i was going to see her live until i saw this snoozefest! Plus Foals actually livin up to their hype on Jools (when he wasn't so frightened!)

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