Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Nice day for a white wedding

Barabra got more than she bargained for

I was on the train back to Sheffield after a bank holiday trip to see Tin Pot Dictators in Shoreditch and i overheard a rather knee trembling conversation.

Two unfortunates behind me were talking about a new disorder that is shaking the very foundations of the church.

The new disorder is called 'White wedding fever' and affects overtly pious but also overtly horny christian men. The disorder comes about when a young man becomes stressed and anxious before his wedding day and night.

The man who has been told for years that sex before marriage is wrong, starts to question whether sex after marriage could be any better.

From this the dilluded youngster comes up with a demented solution 'how about sex during marriage?!'

Why not? the little tinker thinks and on the day of his wedding he sets himself and pounces on his bride creating a new take on the phrase 'Taking her up the aisle'.

Wedding guests recoil in horror and the bride is simply thankful she had a pre nup and was wearing white!

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