Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Get a new nom de plume

Everyone knows that bands names are only cool once a band become famous. They also know they run in trends. About two years ago every band had wolf or wolves in the title and it was boring ( Wolf and Cub, Wolf Parade, Wolf Eyes etc...)

So the 'Kids' explosion in names isn't exactly a surprise. With The Black Kids, The Dead Kids and The Cool Kids reppin' for young goats everywhere. The latter are probably the pick of the bunch marrying minimal production with effortless flows - they sound like what Pharrell and Hugo should have done rather than hiring Aleshia and designing sunglasses for Louis Vuitton.

I'm well aware i'm about 6 months behind everyone else who jumped on this hate wagon but it's fun playing catch up and not being bored by cool new music because i'm not that desperate to hear, rate and probably slate it all within 30 seconds.

Here's the Cool Kids first video for 'Black Mags' (above) and a fun interview (below) - fun times at the playground!

I'm loving Mr Parkinson what a host, what a douchebag or should I say poomplex.

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