Monday, 12 May 2008

Get back Gordon Ramsey :)

I got this recipe from a friend in London, it is the most detailed recipe i've ever seen and it's for the tastiest rice in West Africa, jollof.

Recipee [sic]:

1 250mls cup of rice
1 big sized fresh red pepper
2 small pieces of fresh hot red pepper
1 big sized fresh ripe tomatoe
1 medium sized whole chicken or £2.00 worth of beef
2 - 4 cubes of maggi
200mls of vegetable oil
1 tube of tomato puree
2 table spoon ful of curry or any spice of your choice
2 table spoonful of thyme or any spice of your choice
Cooking Salt


1. Clean the chicken or beef or both as the case may be
2. Put in a pot, add 1 table spoon each of curry and thyme or the spices of your choice, 2 cubes of maggi, dice in some onion -half of a medium size, a level spoonful of cooking salt.
3. Stir together, cover and leave for about 10 - 15 mins.
4. Light the gas burner, put the pot that contains the chicken on the fire, add a little water and let it boil for about 45 mins, stirring in between.
5. while the meat is boiling, clean the pepper, remaining onion, tomatoes and blend together in blender until smooth.
6. when the beef/chicken is done, pack it into a clean bowl, and pour the stock in a strainer
7. wash the pot or get another one, put it on the fire, pour the veg. oil, warm itthen pour the ground pepper, add the tomatoe puree, half of the tube in a medium sized, add the remaining 2 cubes of maggi, as well as the remaining curry and thyme, stir everything together and cover for it to fry for 20mins, stirring in between, while this fries, pour the rice into a bowl, wash with water twice, in the bowl using both hands, rinse twice, and then pack into a strainer for the water to drain.
8. if u choose to fry the beef, pour the veg oil into a frying pan instead of the pot, fry the beef, pour the oil in a strainer, after which u go back to step 7.
9. After 20 mins. add the washed rice, 1,000mls of water, 1 levelspoonful of cooking salt,3 heaps of table spoon full of butter, cover, let it boil for 30 mins.
10. Check to see if it is done, if not get a wooden spoon, lift the rice from the pot at the different corners so it does not burn.
11. if it is not done, add 100mls of water or as the case may be, lower the fire like you are steaming it, turn it with the wooden spoon as described in step 10, do not stir or else it is mashed an will stick together or become messy.
12. check after 10 - 15 mins, it should be ready to be served.

Serving: dish in a flat plate, add the beef by the side of the plate or in another.
if you like you can serve with mixed veg. cole slaw or whatever you choose.

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