Monday, 28 April 2008

Punks get Sprung!

Punks Jump Up are at Club Pony again, it should be a roadblock. I just hope there's a bit more life than at the last one with Brodinski and Casper C. It never really seemed to get going.

I think people were in shock when Brod played some normal house music rather than cut up mashment that Pony usually sees.

Friday, 25 April 2008

Krumping isn't easy

Everyone seems to be into faddy dances at the moment. Whether it's Souljah boy skipping about like a 14-year-old (oh yeah he is 14) or French boy's tectoniking all over the shop and now there's the rolex sweep that even complete morons and John Barnes can do.

What about when dances were hard? I found this krumping final lifted off of Dave La chappelle's docu 'rize', there is nothing easy about krumping. Part seizure, part skillful co-ordinated routine, watch this and gawp.

DS1 vs TS7

This is Bradford's own Ts7 getting splashed all over saturday tea time telly. Not sure what the green screen is for maybe they thought they'd need subtitles for southern viewer not able to understand the northern lingo. I got pretty teary eyed watching this as they visit 'the disc', which i used to spend all my pocket money in, buying trance tunes i couldn't afford when i was 13.

DS1 is producing some top bassline tunes right now. 'Not havin' it' is probably the best, although the chorus is nicked off of Tempa T. It could be worse they could have ripped off Lady Sovereign - i'm not too sure about the northern emcees they just sound like they're from Watford.

Bad boys you might know!

This is the new video from Black Lips for their new single 'Bad kids'. It is made up of riot footage from the UK and has a nice bouncing karaoke head so you can sing along.

It looks like the start of La Haine, only the streets that are getting smashed up look like they could be your own. In fact, i think at one point the Bradford riots get a frame or too which means my street probably features, bruiser.