Sunday, 16 March 2008

Young Lovers

This is the new Mystery Jets video for 'Young Love' i saw them play The Ruby Lounge in Manchester a while back to about 50 people and this stood out then. Their new album seems to have been received well by the critics i just hope everyone else hasn't forgotten how ace they are.

'Young Love' also features the spritely Laura Marling who is one of about fifty young folkish female singers who have been about the last year or are a couple more who have the ability to melt icebergs with one verse.

This is Beth Jeans Houghton from newcastle who can be found frequenting venues such as The Cumberland Arms and the brilliant Star and Shadow Cinema in Byker. She is like the female version of Lightspeed Champion just as eccentric and with slightly better songs.

I've hyped up Laura Groves before who is signed to XL via Salvia she is amazing and from Shipley which is the place i grew up in which makes me love her twice as much. This is an old song called 'Bridges'.

Bear with this as Laura shows up towards the end. She's here brushing shoulders with her peers aka Emmy the Great, Lightspeed Champion and Jeremy 'the forgotten man' Walmsley.

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