Saturday, 1 March 2008

Long Blondes going on a Long Ting'

Secret gigs are bum.

The Long Blondes played one under the moniker 'Dead Eyed Lady Bitches' or some shit and used it as an opportunity to bombard Fuzz club with their new 'electroclash' songs.

'Century' is the only new song up on their myspace and it sounds like they want to get signed to Kitsune Maison about three years too late.

Gone are the kitchen sick lyrics and the soap opera storylines in come the 4/4 beats and the keyboard riffs.

I love 'Fulwood Babylon' and 'Giddy Stratospheres' but it seems the best thing about the Long Blondes have been sacked and gimmickry has prevailed?! They still look as streamlined and well ironed as ever but bleeding crikey the new material seemed boring.

At least the crowd were well turned out though. Some stupid haircuts as usual but the Long Blondes reintroduced putting effort into going to a gig after The Strokes made everyone think it was ok to go about things half arsed and unkempt.

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