Tuesday, 4 March 2008

It doesn't get harder/worse than this!

Last week saw the Hard Dance Awards at Plug, i wasn't there but the guy on the right was, i used to work with him at Morrisons and he is a massive raver.

Apparently Tidy won best label and Alex Kidd had a good night winning Best DJ and Biggest Party Animal. I keep reading articles about snobby attitudes toward B-line but it think even the most common bass head would turn their nose up at this lot.

Hard dance has always been crap. Not hard enough to be Hardcore or Techno and totally lacking any production quality whatsoever. Some people can't get enough of the stuff but with rising popularity of Bassline all over the country it could finally be on it's way out (hope hope).

Keep raving!

Here's what you missed out on!

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