Monday, 24 March 2008

Faster than a speeding mullet

This is the new video for Lightspeed Champion aka Dev Hynes formerly of Test Icicles and all the rest of it. I'm a fan of LSC i love all the post-Weezer artists/bands but i think there are other guys who just do this stuff better. Here are a few:

Ben Kweller is a dude. This songs chorus is inspired by 'Doom Generation' which is a pretty mental one and a half hours. BK is under rated and writes some of the most foot stomping yet affecting music in the geek rock sphere.

Ben Folds about fifteen years ago on Jools Holland he's still doing it now but most of the new videos can't be embedded which is a tad frustrating, nevertheless this 'classic' footage gets the point across.

Doesn't get better than this Weezer original line up on Letterman playing 'Say it ain't so'.

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