Monday, 24 March 2008

The Cassels?????

I like the Cazals. I like their name, i like the fact they're signed to Kitsune Maison and i love the fact their front man looks like a skinny Vinc Cassel.

This is kiwis Cut Off Your Hands 'Oh Girl'. It's a nice little nugget of 60's surf rock. The lead singer looks like Pugwall, but Cut Off Your Pugwall doesn't sound right.


Everyone is on about The Last Shadow Puppets, which is Alex Turner's side project with Miles Kane from the decidedly average Rascals. Apparently they bonded over a shared love of Blue Ribbon biscuits and Scott Walker, which sounds like a good way to make new friends. This is the new video for 'The Age of the Understatement'. I'm feeling it, lots of shots of mother Russia, tanks, and scenes that look like they're out of Call of Duty 4, perfect.

Here is Scott Walker the bonder of men.

Faster than a speeding mullet

This is the new video for Lightspeed Champion aka Dev Hynes formerly of Test Icicles and all the rest of it. I'm a fan of LSC i love all the post-Weezer artists/bands but i think there are other guys who just do this stuff better. Here are a few:

Ben Kweller is a dude. This songs chorus is inspired by 'Doom Generation' which is a pretty mental one and a half hours. BK is under rated and writes some of the most foot stomping yet affecting music in the geek rock sphere.

Ben Folds about fifteen years ago on Jools Holland he's still doing it now but most of the new videos can't be embedded which is a tad frustrating, nevertheless this 'classic' footage gets the point across.

Doesn't get better than this Weezer original line up on Letterman playing 'Say it ain't so'.

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Young Lovers

This is the new Mystery Jets video for 'Young Love' i saw them play The Ruby Lounge in Manchester a while back to about 50 people and this stood out then. Their new album seems to have been received well by the critics i just hope everyone else hasn't forgotten how ace they are.

'Young Love' also features the spritely Laura Marling who is one of about fifty young folkish female singers who have been about the last year or are a couple more who have the ability to melt icebergs with one verse.

This is Beth Jeans Houghton from newcastle who can be found frequenting venues such as The Cumberland Arms and the brilliant Star and Shadow Cinema in Byker. She is like the female version of Lightspeed Champion just as eccentric and with slightly better songs.

I've hyped up Laura Groves before who is signed to XL via Salvia she is amazing and from Shipley which is the place i grew up in which makes me love her twice as much. This is an old song called 'Bridges'.

Bear with this as Laura shows up towards the end. She's here brushing shoulders with her peers aka Emmy the Great, Lightspeed Champion and Jeremy 'the forgotten man' Walmsley.

Friday, 14 March 2008

Huntley Hunt

One of the worst things about facebook is bumping into old school 'friends' that you have no desire to keep in touch with or see, ever. But there are odd occasions like this when an old chum comes on facebook and tries to start an online Sun campaign and rid facebook of Huntley like some internet Texas Ranger.

The picture sums it up but just in case you were in any doubt as to what these people are demanding:

"Get Huntley Off Facebook
Facebook Group
Ian Huntley murdered Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman and received a life sentence.

Now he is on Facebook and we believe this is a travesty of justice!!!

He shouldn't even be alive, let alone chattin...

Friday, 7 March 2008

If it isn't broke don't fix it!

Dancehall is big right now. This is Cutty Ranks in 1986 i don't know if there has ever been a better emcee EVER. I read an interview with Loefah who said that he thought Flowdan was the english version of Cutty Ranks i think that is the most generous comparison ever...

Re-load!!! Dub step at it's best

This is a video of Kode 9 and Spaceape at Sonar last year i have no idea what this tune is but this is what dubstep sounds like at it's best! The line up this year is like a who's who of electro and dubstep, it looks like it's going to be biggest rave up of the year.

Jamie 'Jim' Lidell nothing short of Marvin

Jamie Lidell is brilliant some people hate him and brand him as the new Jamiroquai which is nothing short of harsh. The first time i saw him was when he supported Squarepusher in Liverpool and blew him and everyone else away. I think his live show was better when he came on and beatboxed his way through 45 minutes of tangled mangled electro and soul, but now he has a band, a set list and more fans to please. His new Album 'Jim' is out soon and this is 'A little bit of feel good'.

This is a clip of 'Multiply' live nothing short of Marvin

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Soundboy gets his teeth paxxxxxed out

There a couple of new releases out on Skull Disco from Shackleton and Appleblim. As usual the tunes are from the deeper side of dubstep, almost minimal dubstep if that's even possible.

'Death is not final' (pictured) is Shackleton at his best, dark and brooding but textured enough to never be boring. Shackleton should get the kind of praise and attention that Burial gets everything he releases moves his sound on about five steps.

Appleblim's effort 'Vansan' is constantly shifting with synths that sound like brush strokes. The track never really gets out of first gear but that is the Skull Disco sound, the tracks ebb rather than rattles along.

Shackleton is in Sheffield at Tuesday club this month, it'll be interesting to see how he goes down, the crowd there can be a bit 'green' sometimes. The last time i was there someone tried to tell me that High Contrast was an 'Old skool producer'?!

It doesn't get harder/worse than this!

Last week saw the Hard Dance Awards at Plug, i wasn't there but the guy on the right was, i used to work with him at Morrisons and he is a massive raver.

Apparently Tidy won best label and Alex Kidd had a good night winning Best DJ and Biggest Party Animal. I keep reading articles about snobby attitudes toward B-line but it think even the most common bass head would turn their nose up at this lot.

Hard dance has always been crap. Not hard enough to be Hardcore or Techno and totally lacking any production quality whatsoever. Some people can't get enough of the stuff but with rising popularity of Bassline all over the country it could finally be on it's way out (hope hope).

Keep raving!

Here's what you missed out on!

Saturday, 1 March 2008

Long Blondes going on a Long Ting'

Secret gigs are bum.

The Long Blondes played one under the moniker 'Dead Eyed Lady Bitches' or some shit and used it as an opportunity to bombard Fuzz club with their new 'electroclash' songs.

'Century' is the only new song up on their myspace and it sounds like they want to get signed to Kitsune Maison about three years too late.

Gone are the kitchen sick lyrics and the soap opera storylines in come the 4/4 beats and the keyboard riffs.

I love 'Fulwood Babylon' and 'Giddy Stratospheres' but it seems the best thing about the Long Blondes have been sacked and gimmickry has prevailed?! They still look as streamlined and well ironed as ever but bleeding crikey the new material seemed boring.

At least the crowd were well turned out though. Some stupid haircuts as usual but the Long Blondes reintroduced putting effort into going to a gig after The Strokes made everyone think it was ok to go about things half arsed and unkempt.

Refuse and Resist

I love reading Wire it's the best and worst music magazine in the world. You can read a whole issue cover to cover and not recognise one name easily so it's always an education but it can be a hard going.

Anyway Underground Resistance are playing Chibuku's 8th birthday at Nation in Liverpool, they are like the Wu Tang of techno. Staying true to the roots of the music they don't compromise and they have made some of the most innovative techno music ever. Mad Mike and co will be destroying eardums, moving feet and spreading the message of detriot techno on the 14th of March at Nation, Liverpool.

This is a mysterious video of the gang doing their thing....