Monday, 4 February 2008


Pic by dynamyke

After the anti-boredom weekend it was safe to predict this wknd wouldn't live up to the hype.
It didn't. The pic is meant to show how annoyed i was about it.

Got down to forum on friday where Stoaty and Andy H from Tuesday Club were playing some amazing dancehall, bashment, dubstep and bassline. Tuesday Club is a top night, they had DJ Krush there a week ago but i couldn't go because i had a law exam the next morning but my flatmate dynamyke told me it was 'live'.

He got burned on a 3 disk £25 DJ Krush dvd which looks like it is GCSE media coursework, one of the disks is Krush playing a glorified house party, the picture is grainy as a pack of shreddies and the audio sounds like it was recorded through a cucumber, not good.

Anyway Andy H and Stoaty were on form and it was a good little night i would have stayed there all night but i thought someone had pinched my jacket so i was walking around accusing people for half an hour before i went home in a strop.

My theory about dubstep actually being shit was proved right, the first dubstep track that they played was Benga and Coki 'Night' which everyone loved then for the next half hour you could see people nodding off as 'Midnight Requestline' got everyone in the mood for some zzzzzzzzzzzz's! The bassline they played was awesome and it's funny to see middle class flyer boys and landed gentry bounce around with as much excitment as you're standard lacoste wearing 14-year-old when they heard a TS7 tune.

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