Thursday, 28 February 2008


I've been loving skateboarding recently i usually laugh when i see english people skateboarding. It's like UK hip hop, it's fun but it's basically a crappy version of an American past time.

VBS.TV have a mint show called epicly later'd which focuses on some of the biggest and most underground names in American pro skating.

This is some footage of Steve Rodriguez who by the sounds of it is a total rude boy, i want to reiterate i know bot all about skateboarding i'm basing my opinions on instinct and stupidity!

He just skates the streets like a streetwise tramp looking for 'skate spots' and 'owning' them with sick tricks. I've started playing 'Skate' on the 360 and i'm mint on that. Next step get off the couch and down to the skate park!

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