Monday, 18 February 2008

Sexual Healing

This week tuesday club will be absolutlely big, Hard 8 Brass Band are playing which i'm very excited about. Rising out of hurricane Katrina like a wet Phoenix they're delivering some of the best original and organic music in the world right now. Most people who've seen Mr Scruff in the last year will have already heard their cover of Sexual Healing which Tru Thought have put out as a single and anyone who's heard their album will testify their original material is just as heady.

Hexstatic are also on the bill and the ninja tune stalwards are joined by breaks veterans Stanton Warriors. Lord knows if they'll be good or not i've seen them more times than any other duo and they have the ability to get the jam jumping or totally stink the place out. I just hope they don't play dubstep that'd be well obvious!

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