Monday, 18 February 2008

Rat tales and mutant broccoli

I've been sick for a week with 'acute tonsilitis' which i think was brought on by seeing this pic that Super G sent me. It's been rank and it's felt like mutant broccoli has been trying to grow out of my throat for the last seven days. The pic is of a guy who was stood in front of him at the Futureheads show. Rats tails are rank on rats and especially on humans! I remember my best friend in first school had one that he tried to pass off as a 'tiger tail', grim. The only person who ever looked halfway decent with one of these was Eddie Murphy in 'Coming to America' and he had it chopped off in the first twenty minutes of the film.

I've mostly been reading this week, stuff by Ian Svenious of Weird War, Hunter S Thompson 'Hell's Angels', old Charlie Brooker columns that i've saved and i've just bought 'Apples' by Richard Milward which is supposed to be good according to the Culture Show.

I watched Flash Gordon the other day that film is immense. Brian Blessed's performance is breath taking, at the end when he's shouting at all the hawk men to 'DDDDDDDDDDIIIVEEEEEE' it's about thirty times more compelling than when Sgt Lee from Takeshi's Castle yells at all the hapless japanese people to hurt themselves for our pleasure. The music is something else. The last twenty minutes is accompanied by one looped chord that builds and builds until Flash crashes into the castle and impales Ming and all that green shit falls out of him, rank. It reminded me of Battles 'Dance' but it wasn't as boring.

Anyway more posts will be forthcoming this week and watch out for some more drastic changes to the blog in the nex fortnight.

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