Monday, 25 February 2008

Madness Unmasked

I'm out of date when it comes to most things now but especially in terms of hip hop. I used to be all over the UK scene name dropping people like Jehst, Braintax, Skinnyman, Verb T and Terra Firma now i don't know Lupe Fiasco from my Example.

That's not actually true i've seen Example at Nasty Fest in Leeds and i almost fell asleep, his performance was that dry!

Anyway this month i've been playing Madvillian 'Madvillainy' none stop on my walkman and something has finally clicked. Before this month i thought MF Doom was over rated and boring like some kind of hyped version of Guru from Gangstarr.

Tracks like 'Curls' and 'Bistro' are catching me off guard, the production on the album is stupidly good. It's a pity Madlib is dead if he was still around maybe Hip Hop connection would have someone other than Jay-z and Snoop to put on the cover!

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Anonymous said...

madlib isn't dead... maybe you're thinking of j-dilla?