Thursday, 28 February 2008


I've been loving skateboarding recently i usually laugh when i see english people skateboarding. It's like UK hip hop, it's fun but it's basically a crappy version of an American past time.

VBS.TV have a mint show called epicly later'd which focuses on some of the biggest and most underground names in American pro skating.

This is some footage of Steve Rodriguez who by the sounds of it is a total rude boy, i want to reiterate i know bot all about skateboarding i'm basing my opinions on instinct and stupidity!

He just skates the streets like a streetwise tramp looking for 'skate spots' and 'owning' them with sick tricks. I've started playing 'Skate' on the 360 and i'm mint on that. Next step get off the couch and down to the skate park!

Monday, 25 February 2008

Rick James eat your heart out

Someone told me the other day that Snoop Dogg is one of the ugliest men alive, watch this and weep!

I Heart Nack Nack (Whatever it is!!!)

Chile is a country full of try hards. When i was down there we went to a club called 'La Blondie' that played Blondie, The Cure and not alot else. The girls all looked pretty cool with black and white outfits, shades and little fans that they smacked you in the head with if you got too close.

All that was understandable to some extent people love the 80's right now, but what is this supposed to be? This is the kind of thing 13-year-old twockers dream about at night. The only thing worse than out of date hip hop is out of date Graffiti.

Madness Unmasked

I'm out of date when it comes to most things now but especially in terms of hip hop. I used to be all over the UK scene name dropping people like Jehst, Braintax, Skinnyman, Verb T and Terra Firma now i don't know Lupe Fiasco from my Example.

That's not actually true i've seen Example at Nasty Fest in Leeds and i almost fell asleep, his performance was that dry!

Anyway this month i've been playing Madvillian 'Madvillainy' none stop on my walkman and something has finally clicked. Before this month i thought MF Doom was over rated and boring like some kind of hyped version of Guru from Gangstarr.

Tracks like 'Curls' and 'Bistro' are catching me off guard, the production on the album is stupidly good. It's a pity Madlib is dead if he was still around maybe Hip Hop connection would have someone other than Jay-z and Snoop to put on the cover!

Monday, 18 February 2008

Sexual Healing

This week tuesday club will be absolutlely big, Hard 8 Brass Band are playing which i'm very excited about. Rising out of hurricane Katrina like a wet Phoenix they're delivering some of the best original and organic music in the world right now. Most people who've seen Mr Scruff in the last year will have already heard their cover of Sexual Healing which Tru Thought have put out as a single and anyone who's heard their album will testify their original material is just as heady.

Hexstatic are also on the bill and the ninja tune stalwards are joined by breaks veterans Stanton Warriors. Lord knows if they'll be good or not i've seen them more times than any other duo and they have the ability to get the jam jumping or totally stink the place out. I just hope they don't play dubstep that'd be well obvious!

Rat tales and mutant broccoli

I've been sick for a week with 'acute tonsilitis' which i think was brought on by seeing this pic that Super G sent me. It's been rank and it's felt like mutant broccoli has been trying to grow out of my throat for the last seven days. The pic is of a guy who was stood in front of him at the Futureheads show. Rats tails are rank on rats and especially on humans! I remember my best friend in first school had one that he tried to pass off as a 'tiger tail', grim. The only person who ever looked halfway decent with one of these was Eddie Murphy in 'Coming to America' and he had it chopped off in the first twenty minutes of the film.

I've mostly been reading this week, stuff by Ian Svenious of Weird War, Hunter S Thompson 'Hell's Angels', old Charlie Brooker columns that i've saved and i've just bought 'Apples' by Richard Milward which is supposed to be good according to the Culture Show.

I watched Flash Gordon the other day that film is immense. Brian Blessed's performance is breath taking, at the end when he's shouting at all the hawk men to 'DDDDDDDDDDIIIVEEEEEE' it's about thirty times more compelling than when Sgt Lee from Takeshi's Castle yells at all the hapless japanese people to hurt themselves for our pleasure. The music is something else. The last twenty minutes is accompanied by one looped chord that builds and builds until Flash crashes into the castle and impales Ming and all that green shit falls out of him, rank. It reminded me of Battles 'Dance' but it wasn't as boring.

Anyway more posts will be forthcoming this week and watch out for some more drastic changes to the blog in the nex fortnight.

Friday, 8 February 2008


I don't get why O Fracas aren't alot bigger than they are. In 2005 everyone was totally into their sound Blaine from the Mystery Jets was bursting into song about them at every opportunity. It's sad that bands like Forward Russia and The Pigeon Detectives get the love and bands like This Et Al and O Fracas get forgotten.

Down at the stables tonight

Club Pony is at DQ in Sheffield tonight i can'nae wait this could be the third 'anti-boredom' weekend in a row which should go someway to stopping the myth. Justice are on tmrw at Plug as well which should be absoultely big.

The artwork for Pony is good although i don't get the blonde guys face, why so sombre amigo? He lookds as if he's gutted that it's five quid to get in! It should be really good tonight as there is a live band playing which should break up the ed banger esque electro! That kind of thing can grate after about twenty minutes of really cut up bass and beats some of it actually sounds like a washing machine blowing up - i'll just have to get some domestic dust down me!

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Super Malt and Nightmares

This is the video for The Bug feat. Warrior Queen 'Aktion Pak'

It reminds me of these horrible nightmares i used to have when i was young and ill, it also reminds me of going to the dominican society in Bradford and listening to Sister Nancy whilst sipping some of my dad's super malt.

Great times!

Philip Glass vs David Bowie vs Aphex Twin

I always wondered why Bowie was pulling this face in the video for 'Heroes' i know now it was because he'd heard Aphex Twin's take on the Philip glass rework. Haunting doesn't quite cut it, sleepless nights and horrible feelings of loneliness are counjoured up by this mix - bloody marvellous!

DivShare File - 05 Track 5 _2_.wma

Selda 'Queen of Turkey'

Selda is the Turkish Joan Baez me and my friends in Newcastle became a little obsessed with her psycadelic folk and funk breaks her are two of her hits (they've got nothing to do with Paul Ince)

DivShare File - 04 Track 4.wma

DivShare File - 05 Track 5.wma

Monday, 4 February 2008

In the future it’s all good

I was sat about like a country gent this weekend reading The Observer and quaffing green tea when i read about the new Johnny Depp film about the life of John Dillinger. His legend is well known, bascially he was a total rudeboy bank robber with a massive cock and his name inspired one of the best ever tech metal bands The Dillinger Escape Plan.

Super G got his lips round the new album Ire Works and got all nostalgic in the process.

Shit, I was meant to sort my life out today – get a new phone contract, finish some course work, book some flights, get Sziget tickets, write an article for Dust and rebuild my bed – unfortunately, I got sucked into the future by Dillinger’s latest record.

Ire works just messed up my weekend – why are these squelchy Auechture beats, pop hooks and industrial tech guitars coming together so well here? I don’t understand where Ben gets his ideas from but here in the year 3000 everything makes total sense.

This record is dynamic and fluid yet has ultra-rich sonic viscosity. It has none of the claustrophobia and asphyxiating tension of earlier attempts at the DEP thing, and it plays through like a big tasty pick and mix of all your favourite Dillinger ideas, churned into a massive coke-laced strawberry milkshake wet-dream.

If you jumped ship at Miss Machine then you won’t like this. You didn’t like the new layers of electronica, melody and musical exploration on that record and you went back to masturbating over The Mullet Burden, yeah? In that case, do yourself a favour and get Rolo Tomassi’s new EP or get on some Dischordance Axis or Soilent Green -you’ll find all your grind needs satisfied without a single blue note in sight.

But getting back to the future; Dillinger have always been there and thank god Relapse have persevered with them. For the last decade they’ve been jetting off to distant galaxies and returning to the present day every now and then to give us a taste of what’s going on at the edge of the universe – it’s just that now, Weinmann and the gang have loosened up and have seemed to let this record happen without trying to smash everything up. It’s like they’ve completed their calculations of infinity and have started churning out all their workings-out like some malfunctioning super computer out of an early Aronofsky film.


This is the video for Elle S'appelle's single Little Flame out on Moshi Moshi i'm off to see them at the Harley tonight and i'm well giddy about it.


Pic by dynamyke

After the anti-boredom weekend it was safe to predict this wknd wouldn't live up to the hype.
It didn't. The pic is meant to show how annoyed i was about it.

Got down to forum on friday where Stoaty and Andy H from Tuesday Club were playing some amazing dancehall, bashment, dubstep and bassline. Tuesday Club is a top night, they had DJ Krush there a week ago but i couldn't go because i had a law exam the next morning but my flatmate dynamyke told me it was 'live'.

He got burned on a 3 disk £25 DJ Krush dvd which looks like it is GCSE media coursework, one of the disks is Krush playing a glorified house party, the picture is grainy as a pack of shreddies and the audio sounds like it was recorded through a cucumber, not good.

Anyway Andy H and Stoaty were on form and it was a good little night i would have stayed there all night but i thought someone had pinched my jacket so i was walking around accusing people for half an hour before i went home in a strop.

My theory about dubstep actually being shit was proved right, the first dubstep track that they played was Benga and Coki 'Night' which everyone loved then for the next half hour you could see people nodding off as 'Midnight Requestline' got everyone in the mood for some zzzzzzzzzzzz's! The bassline they played was awesome and it's funny to see middle class flyer boys and landed gentry bounce around with as much excitment as you're standard lacoste wearing 14-year-old when they heard a TS7 tune.