Monday, 14 January 2008

Nice and Loud it's Holy Roar!

Holy Roar is one of the most interesting and versatile labels in the UK right now. With releases from artists such as Gallows, Rolo Tomassi and Cutting Pink With Knives there is no sign that they're losing their touch or getting any quieter.

We spoke to the head honchos and about music, artwork and effort.

Let's start at the beginning, how and why did Holy Roar get going?

Holy Roar started in Feb 2005 because we wanted to do a label after moving back to London. We both put on gigs a lot, did a lof of reviewing/writing etc and Alex had previously done a label in Birmingham which didn't do too hot, so we thought we'd try again.

Why are you called Holy Roar?

It's the name of a Torche song, we literally had no idea what to call the label so went through our CD collection looking at song names.

You're working with some very creative bands, how do you choose who to work with?

Aside from loving the music they put out, we try and work with bands who we can get along with and have a similar work ethic. The band has to be interested in working as hard as we'll work.

The artwork for the records is pretty amazing who comes up with it?

It normally comes down to the bands and ourselves figuring out what our options are, but usually it's the band who has the initial idea or knows of someone or has a friend they want to get involved. It's very much a big deal to us now, and we're really happy with the way our aesthetic and approach to packaging/appearance of our releases has evolved, even if it sounds a bit shallow. Working with people like Kate Moross and Angelino from La Quiete is something which makes us proud, and I especially like the art for the Chariots EP and the Gallows 7". Oh and the tape design by Dan at Fake French. And our baby logo by Liam Sparkes. And everything Fessey has ever done for us. There's too much to mention really....

What forth coming releases have you got lined up? and have you got any new bands signed?

Our tape has sold out now so the next stuff we have planned is a Throats/Maths CD our in April, a Rolo Tomassi tour 7" which will be out in time for their tour next month (fingers crossed), a Cutting Pink With Knives/Doom Patrol 7", Mirror! Mirror! digital EP and probably more. We don't really 'sign' bands but Throats, Maths and Mirror!Mirror! are three new bands we're really looking forward to working with in 2008. Oh, and Doom Patrol, but they're cunts.

OH and Holy Roar is Alex and Ellen. Ellen answered these questions.

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