Monday, 21 January 2008


Knifehandchop aka Billy Pollard from Canada has been producing mashed up dancehall, jungle and breakcore since the early noughties when he became a favourite of the late John Peel. We had a brief chat about live shows, new material and nu-rave?!

What have you been up to recently and have you got anything new planned for 2008?

Well recently I have just been making tunes. Tons of dancefloor stuff. Always playing the newest stuff live! As for releasing it, I just don't know when. I'll just keep playing it live and then decide.

You're playing at the bangface weekender what do you make of the 'nu-rave' scene?

Nu-rave? well I still don't really understand what it means to be honest. Someone told me a long time ago it was the Klaxons. So that made me think it was rave-influenced rock music. But now people tell me it's just regular rave music but it's new? I say who cares. If it's good then it's good- call it what you like.

When i spoke to Shitmat he spoke about wanting to do a live show where he was amongst the crowd like Lightning Bolt, have you ever tried anything bonkers in a live show?

Anything bonkers? Not really. I'm mainly interested in making people dance.

Bassline house is massive in the north of England, have you heard much of it and if so what do you think about it?

Bassline house? I've never heard of it but it sounds really awesome! It would be hard to screw up two sure-shot things like that!

Your work is pretty varied with hip hop, jungle and dancehall all coming through. what is your favourite genre to produce?

My favorite genres to produce is pretty much anything with a 4/4 dance beat under it like electro, house, techno, hardcore and stuff like that. I've always proffered that to other things like jungle or dub. Although sometimes I like making more broken stuff to. Everyday is different.

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