Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Art goes DIY goes Punk: Futureheads/Grammatics

Ross Futurehead

The Futureheads have a special place in my heart
i used to bop to work listening to A to B and
it made
everything seem alright. Ross from the band is bloody
massive btw once he walked past
me in Newcastle and
it was like that bit in Lord of the Rings when Gandalf
gets massive and dark!

My homeboy Super G was in Leeds to see them play
with the Grammatics who areswooning and
everyone who listens to their stuff right now.

Cue the superlatives!

This week Leeds Guide became the latest media channel to become
tarnished by SCANDAL asmore competition rigging comes to light -
First the beeb (Marson gotshipped) then ITV (Ant and Dec go straight
to Hell for that one) andnow Domestic Dust!
But seeing Grammatics support The Futureheads after
'winning' the reader competition at work? I think we'll get away with

Since The Futureheads split from Warner it seems the angular pop tune
smiths have gone all DIY on our ass. Self booked, released and
managed, The Futureheads are taking matters into their own hands. This
is already having fantastic implications, first of which being this
intimately sweaty 'comeback' tour that graced the Mine venue in Leeds
union on Sunday. Secondly, they could chose their support...

Now basically Grammatics are fucking MINT - I saw them support and
completely upstage SYEAYBIF last year and now Dom's quit his job at
DTTR the whole set up is skinnier, moodier, more anarchic, brittle and precise.

They do the Guillemots thing with more romantic angst and focus, and
without any of the aimlessness and humour. They seem to have earthly
musical credibility to equal parts scenester name-drop-ability; they
appeal to both love-lorn shoegasers and coked-up electro geeks
respectively and tonight, a sharp moody Grammatics play their totally
accomplished set with a very obvious sense of purpose.

I walk into the room, saturated with not only the usual scenester
suspects but a refreshingly large cross-section of pop fans, to the
drawn out melancoly of The Vague Archive, from the Grammatics latest
EP. [Their Veretie and Reverie EP is out now in Japan ad on iTunes and
if you ever see the Shaddow Commitee single, GET it. James Kenosha did
that one in Bridlington and b-side Broken wing is extra special.]

I get the feeling that the venue now holds more Grammatics fans than
there were when the night began - a conversion rate that should carry
over to all 12 dates of this tour. Grammatics are so finely tuned that
they produce something so GOOD that it seems this emotive unit could
snap at any moment - I always find it poynient as the final chorus of
the set kicks in with "everybody loves a breakdown.." The music takes
on even darker characteristics and I just hope this rhetoric proves
not to be the band's ironic swan song, but just another of the
perfectly constructed pieces that will continue to take rooms of ever
wider audiences and set fan conversation rates to 100%

So, to state the absolute obvious, Futureheads are awesome! They're
one of the few bands that have weathered the pop industry storm and
popped up with their indentity intact. A band that no amount of
re-branding, re-mastering and re-packaging could erase.

Yep, "this one's off the first album" is met with ecstatic reaction as
the band blast through vitriolic renditions of A to B and Decent days
and nights. And yep, the new, more aggressive tracks get even the most
style-conscience Vice-a-likes bumping around off each other (which has
got to be the main idea, right?) and hell yep, the band seem to prove,
as much to themselves as the fans, that they can play the DIY pop
career game as well as any buttoned-down major label bitches.

But all handshakes and small print aside, tonight, Sunderland's finest
smash up Mine with the household-harmonies and radio-one-riffs we've
all come to KNOW and as this tour will remind everyone LOVE, Super G.

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